Family Redwood Mills


Lumber, Beams, Decking, Siding, Shingles, Roofing


Redwood Blue Label Shingles:

Salvage Redwood Lumber: Decking, Siding, Framing, Timbers

Grades from - Merch Heart, Construction Heart, Select Heart, Clear Heart, Clear All Heart

1" to 12" Width

Maximum Length 20 foot, unless combined in a large order.

The current Redwood retail prices offer us a gauge by which we reasonably

value our products at a lower cost.


50% deposit required for all custom cut orders.


Due to seasonal work and occupational delays, orders secured well in advance is advised.

For More Information : Contact

Seth Johannesen

P.O. Box 234 - Whitethorn, CA - 95589

email: seth @ recycledredwood.com